Vynagrip high performance industrial matting

• Anti-slip • Anti-Fatigue • Safety matting

Vynagrip, with its aggressive 'diamond' tread on both top and bottom, is the UK's highest rated slip resistant matting meeting the demanding DIN 51130 standard, with a rating of R12. Developed by Plastic Extruders as a high performance anti-slip, anti fatigue mat, Vynagrip, has proved highly successful in the commercial and industrial matting sector.


The product's high level of slip resistance, combined with an open grid system and a maximum liquid drainage rating of DIN 51130: V10, means that Vynagrip can be relied upon to perform in a wide range of commercial and industrial matting applications.

According to the UK's Health & Safety Executive (HSE), slipping and tripping is the most common kind of accident to cause major injury to employees, accounting for the 37% and rising overall total of reported major injuries. Of this figure 19% involve a slip on a wet substance or wet surface - a figure which cannot be ignored!

This staggering fact, combined with increased awareness about public liability, makes the issue of slip resistance in the workplace more important than ever.

In addition, standing for prolonged periods on hard concrete floors is one of the most common causes of physical fatigue amongst employees, which can result in loss of concentration, an overall downturn in productivity and an increased risk of employee-related accidents.

Vynagrip safety matting addresses both the fatigue and slip problems, and has proved highly attractive to specifiers and end users.

Anti-fatigue tests


*Scientific tests have proved the successful, anti-fatigue properties of Vynagrip following a year of research at the University of Hertfordshire. The tests, commissioned by Plastic Extruders, are believed to be Europe's first, in-depth scientific research of its kind. Under test conditions, comparisons were made with a large number of volunteers taking part in mental and physical tasks whilst standing on either a hard floor surface or Vynagrip matting. Published results show that employees standing for sustained periods are significantly less fatigued when standing on Vynagrip. These results confirm that using Vynagrip can improve comfort for employees, boost overall productivity and, in turn, boost profitability.

Because the flexible composition of Vynagrip provides cushioning, components accidentally dropped will also be less likely to be damaged.

*Copies of the report are available on request.

Vynagrip News

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